Jocata – FinTech Apps for Banks


Company- Jocata

Product- Consumer and enterprise apps for banks to handle Loan Origination & Management, Corporate Lending, Anti Money Laundering, Risk Analysis, Compliance.

Year- 2018, 2019

Role- Design Lead, managed a team of 4 (including myself)




Jocata is a FinTech startup, offering end to end services to banks for Loan Origination & Management, Corporate Lending, Anti Money Laundering, and Compliance. This meant delivering both consumer and enterprise journeys, and designing an entire ecosystem for Clients, Relationship Managers, Sales Managers, Credit Managers, Aggregators, CPAs, etc. I worked with clients such as American Express, Tata Capital, Axis Bank, and BillDesk.

As a Design Lead and the first designer to be hired, 60% of my work was individual work and 40% team management. Unfortunately, I cannot share more details about individual projects publicly due to CONFIDENTIALITY. However, I can talk about my responsibilities and experience.





Setting up the team

  • Determined the hardware and software requirements to set up the design team.
  • Did resource planning for upcoming projects. Wrote job descriptions, evaluated portfolios, interviewed and hired UX and Visual designers. Managed a team of 4.
  • Gathered all the old design work done by contractors and made a design repository on the cloud to have one single point of access and backup for all design work.
  • Conducted team activities to determine the company’s Design Principles and Design Process.
  • Set up weekly design reviews for everyone in the team to review each other’s work.
  • Introduced user research.


Managing design work

  • Managed multiple clients and their expectations.
  • Managed multiple projects and managed requirements from all teams.
  • Guided designers on a daily basis.
  • Did design evaluations of all products to improve the UX and standardize design across products.
  • Managed redesign of product logos.
  • Made a branding guidelines document.


Educating about design

  • Gave presentations on what product design is, the design process and why good design is good business.
  • Started a design education channel on the company’s chat tool.





As mentioned earlier, I was the first designer to be hired. Advocating for design and buying enough time for design work, were 2 of my biggest challenges. It was important that every employee, not just the management, realized the value of investing time into UX. Almost nobody had ever worked with a designer before. I would tell them:


Money is a huge, emotional part of life for all customers, it does not matter whether they are rich or living paycheck-to-paycheck. Instead of pushing tools on them, let us help alleviate that stress and make them feel financially empowered!


People now expect the same type of experience in their customer interactions, whether it is a consumer product or an enterprise product.


By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the most important brand differentiator.



Personal Loan Mobile App (Password Protected)

Client Onboarding Platform (Password Protected)