Client Onboarding Platform


Company- BillDesk

Product- Client Onboarding Platform

Year- 2018, 2019

Role- Design Lead, UX/UI Designer

Skills Used- User Interviews, UX Evaluation, Sketches, Wireframes, Visual Design, Working Prototype



BillDesk is India’s largest online payment gateway company handling 70% of India’s online billing transactions. BillDesk wanted one common platform for all their enterprise users to quickly onboard their clients (companies, institutions, banks, etc. I had to design a separate workflow for a total of 6 users including Relationship Managers (RMs), Sales Managers (SMs), and members of the Operations and Accounts teams. This design phase lasted for 2 months.




UNDERSTAND- Met with the project manager and all the stakeholders across different teams to understand the requirements, development and time constraints and the future phases for that project. I also did a UX evaluation of their current, partly digital  platform.


Evaluation of the existing system
Flowcharts to understand the process


RESEARCH- I traveled to the client site and did 30mins to 1 hour long user interviews with 2-3 people from each user group. I then summarized my findings along with the opportunities. An important observance was their reluctance in using such a digital platform due to their assumption of such a system being inflexible, requiring a lot of input information, and lack of interaction with other team members. This was very significant in that we realized that we had to carefully plan in how the system was introduced and perceived.


Users referenced thick client specific doc folders for data entry

Documenting every team’s tasks and problems


DESIGN-  I started my design process by mapping out the various stages, and gradually moving from low fidelity to high fidelity in Adobe XD. I made clickable prototypes which I then used to gather feedback from stakeholders and users. We went through ~10 design iterations for every user group.

Since BillDesk did not have any branding guidelines, I had to select the colours, fonts for visual designs. This was followed by assets production, sharing of design specs with front end developers through Zeplin, and doing QA of UIs produced.