Online Inventory – Inventory manager for Dealers


Company- 1stdibs (E-commerce for antiques and luxury goods)

Year- 2013

Role- Interaction Designer

Skills Used-  Journey Maps, Personas, Sketches, Wireframes, Visual Design, Design Specification




I was tasked with rethinking and redesigning the 10 year old legacy online inventory management system provided to the dealers who sold their items on 1stdibs.

Some of the challenges I faced included complete lack of research and dealer personas resulting in frequent assumptions about the user, limited development resources, and working within the context of  legacy tools.

The solution was a new approach to organizing the items with 8 different item states and corresponding actions resulting in more clarity and easier management for the dealers.





Meet with the project manager and all the stakeholders across different teams to understand the needs, requirements, development and time constraints and the future phases for that project.



There was no previous user research data about dealers and specifically how they managed their inventory. There were also no dealer personas. Furthermore, it was really difficult to schedule an interview with a dealer due to their busy schedule, mobile nature of their job, and lack of a dealer engagement program at 1stdibs.

I came up with the idea of talking to our dealer relations and customer support team. I interviewed them to understand how dealers could be classified, how they managed inventory, and what their complaints were.

I was able to come up with a rough classification of dealers based on their inventory size, age and tech knowledge.


Classifying Dealers
Classifying Dealers



Based on the information from my interviews, I then did a cognitive walkthrough of the system trying to put myself in their shoes and came up with a journey map. I then got showed these to the people I interviewed for feedback and validation.


Dealer journey map- Part 1
Dealer journey map- Part 1



Dealer journey map- Part 2
Dealer journey map- Part 2




I started with concept sketches, moving on to several iterations of the wireframes with constant feedback from stakeholders and the people I interviewed.

I finished these with high fidelity designs and design specs which I logged in a tool called “Jira”.